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Safetor is the home of the original height safety anchors.

Patent Number: 503273

Safetor Anchors are
: "New Zealand's leading height safety Roof Anchor devices"

We have been designing height safety anchors for over 30 years

residential and commercial buildings are not built with height safety in mind, so it can be difficult to find a safe, secure anchor point for your rope or lanyard. With this in mind, we supply a range of innovative permanent and temporary anchor systems that allow you to utilize the natural
features of commercial buildings to create a safe working environment.

For safety reasons, all testing of height safety anchor points should be carried out by an independent IANZ Accredited Height Safety Laboratory, which is why we engaged the services of a Telarc registered Material Testing Laboratory & QSI who are qualified to carry out AS/NZS 5532.2013 anchor testing standards. 
Product Technical Statement
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Telescopic Safety Line Attachment & Removal System
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Safetor Horizontal Lifeline Glider for 8mm rope systems
  Height Safety & Abseil Products 
We sell online an extensive range of height Safety products manufactured by QSI.
QSI Height Safety products are tested and comply to - ISO9001 - AS/NZ1891 and 5532 or equivalent EN Standards - IANZ Accredited Laboratory - ISO 17025

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